Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONNECTIONS.


The top post had to do with parasocial relationships or one’s relationship with someone, in this case, an actor who does not know you as an individual, much less things about you the way you know about him.

The second top post has to do with a fake headline of a day in the life in the Muse household which involved viewing a succession of a particular actor’s shows, albeit unintentionally.

The 3rd top post was my reaction to tweets about a certain actress that blurred the line between her as a person versus her as an actor.

Why were they successful? If I tell you that, then I’ll be exposing my membership in a particular fandom and my often silly infusions of such thoughts in an otherwise supposedly-serious writing blog.

I’m Not In Control…

Sometimes the words fail me

Ray Bradbury was one of my favorite writers and I loved his work ethic and his childlike enthusiasm in entertaining the muse simply by writing and writing and writing till the muse grew tired.

And as for my muse, well, he still keeps me going even long after I stop writing, and for that I’m grateful.  It’s also cheap entertainment.