world kindness day

seeking human kindness
do you know where i can find it?

once upon a time it may have been more abundant
but these days i hate to admit

that it’s scarce and barely catching demand
yet it’s sorely needed by everyone

who may not even remember the feeling anymore
too lost in the lies that’s been spun

like spiderwebs revealed in the sun
difficult now to discern the truth from the lies

silken strands now frayed, betrayed
every bit of truth dangling like caught flies

leaving us starved for a world that used to be
can we still find it within you and me

or is it long gone like his sign says
can you see what i see?

can we make it work and not just for today
but every day for the rest of our lives

let kindness be a way to live each day
and maybe then peace will finally arrive?