it’s the waiting that derails me every time
it takes over everything else i do
making me wonder if i said something i shouldn’t have
did i speak out of turn instead of waiting for you?

and so i sit here patiently
knowing there’s a lesson waiting for me somewhere
the same one that keeps coming back until i learn it
and the whole time you were always there.


you’re gone and i’m done
wishing you were still here

counting the days since you left
your goodbyes ringing hollow in my ear

i wish there’d been a warning
i wish i saw it coming

but even if there’d been one
fully trusting you was my shortcoming

and so i sit here bathed in the morning fog
promising never again to give my heart away

for i love too much and trust too blindly
only to have my heart broken and frayed

and so i’ll stitch it up again
fill its cracks with words and tears

promising never to fall so hard again
and stay numb in my fears