this is no world for little girls (TW: violence)

this is no world for little girls
even with their fancy dresses and sweet curls
where one by one they disappear
never meant again to reappear
like a phantasm in broad daylight
they’re there, yet they’re not
seen only when wanted, desired
then strangled, hanged, and shot
bargained, traded, cheated and sold
how can I tell little girls though so bold
that this world was never meant for them
where their very existence has them condemned

but we’re here now and we’ve a life to live
even though we do nothing but give and give
while they, they take and take some more
leaving us spent, battered, and sore
some of us left hanging in the wind
while perpetrators go free to do it all over again
what world is there for little girls
where there is no why, just where and when
broken bodies strewn in the night
smiles forever wiped away from sight
this is no world for little girls
now with torn-up dresses and weary curls.