it was always the same
it never changed
that moment she’d feel herself floating
whenever the bad things happened again

her mind told her it was temporary
such things always were
but 40 years after it happened
she realized that her mind simply lied to her

for what else could it tell her,
unable to help any other way?
for when those bad things happened again and again,
there was nothing she – or her mind – could do to get away


you’re on my mind today
more than ever before
memories taking me by surprise
because of your rage
it was too hard to ignore
but they come back anyway
unbidden, unwanted
memories of the past glazed over now
by flimsy shades of excuses
maybe it was the gun you held in your hand
maybe I made it all up now
for so much time has passed us by
now you’re old and sorry and sad
and maybe such actions never really existed
outside of my mind’s eye
but I did see them, I felt every one
which made it all so easy, my quick
but memories have a way of tainting
everything that comes after
memories you gave me so long ago
now defile each new memory,
each moment of laughter.
should I question every new moment
against what your stain left in me?
or must I keep on fighting to keep
the light that I know is out there
if only I can see?

Daily Prompt