If I Had A Hammer

If I had a hammer and nails and some wood,
I’d build us a house facing south if I could
I’d paint it all colors, sink tiles on wet cement.
I’d build us a home where each day was well-spent
thinking good thoughts, creating good will.
I’d grow little flowers on each window sill.
I’d ram soil into used-up tires,
tamp the ground and clear out the briers,
I’d mix up sand, clay, water and hay,
slip them between rows of cans, so inspired.
We could do this all day till the walls rose upright,
the north wall bermed against a hill side,
keeping it warm in the winter and in the summer,
coolness abides.
On the south wall will be a large window,
where the sun will shine all day
upon an indoor garden of strawberries, tomatoes
and flowers –
a year round bouquet
Rainwater shall flow from the kitchen
to the garden before ending at the potty
they call it  a gray water system,
and it’s really so easy
The sun’s rays shall power
everything that we own –
it’s going to be so different
from everything that we’ve known.
The only caveat, of course,
is that we’d have to live off the grid
we’ve done it before and how we loved it.
Yes, we sure did.

Daily Prompt