“I Owe It All To Community College” – Tom Hanks

“I hope the idea (two years of free community college accessible for up to nine million Americans) sticks, because more veterans, from Iraq and Afghanistan this time, as well as another generation of mothers, single parents and workers who have been out of the job market, need lower obstacles between now and the next chapter of their lives. High school graduates without the finances for a higher education can postpone taking on big loans and maybe luck into the class that will redefine their life’s work. Many lives will be changed.

Chabot College is still in Hayward, though Mr. Coovelis, Ms. Fitzgerald and Mr. Kennedy are no longer there. I drove past the campus a few years ago with one of my kids and summed up my two years there this way: “That place made me what I am today.”

via Tom Hanks on His Two Years at Chabot College – NYTimes.com.

So I Got Myself A (Virtual) Typewriter…

Thanks to Tom Hanks and his love for typewriters, I now have Hanxwriter on my iPad and I couldn’t be any more happier than I am now – for a Thursday.

Who cares if I forgot to water the lawn before 9am?  Or that it’s almost ten and the kiddo hasn’t had breakfast yet (I’ll make oatmeal right after this – I promise!) when I just wrote typed my first nonet on a virtual typewriter!

I received my first typewriter when
I was twelve years old, my mind filled
with stories dying to be
set free.  Each day I typed
late into the night
till neighbors yelled,
"Go to bed!
Or you're