A Theme Reveal for April’s Blogging Challenge


As if I didn’t need any more challenges to my otherwise busy life (I still have to finalize my taxes), I’ve taken on the A to Z Writing Challenge that begins on April 1st.  I was supposed to do my big “Theme Reveal” on March 21st, but like all things, I’m always late to the party.

But here I am!

Not only that, but up to three minutes ago, I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to blog about for the month of April, spanning 26 posts from A to Z.  But now that I do, it’s time to tell you.

Since I’m neck deep in writing my novel set in 1890 Philippines – and probably as it is with any writer having to dive into history – research is never-ending.  Just when I thought I’d learned as much as I already had about the time and place, I introduced a whole new character into the mix – an Englishman.  So not only do I have to do research on 19th century Philippines and world trade, there’s also everything English – what is that?  Edwardian era?  I’m still figuring it out and thank goodness for Ripper Street, but I’ve got something to start with as far as how London, or at least Whitechapel, looked like then.  But don’t worry, the 26 posts for April will mostly delve into Philippine facts.

So I’m going to start with life in the 19th century, in Manila and its environs.  It’s a little known era to me at least, even though I’m Filipino, and with each discovery, I’ll be musing on each one – or at least 26 of them.

And who knows?  Maybe by the time it’s over, I’ll get some of my facts straight and finally get that novel on the road!