Pieces of Me

I’m in every woman I write about
and in every man, the dream
I’m inserted in every line
like dirt stuck underneath the seams

You can uncover my dreams
in every word I write down
witness the nightmares that plague me
that no sunshine can ever drown

Until I write down that one story
that’s yearning to be told
the one that hopes to find the truth
before my soul grows too cold

Until then, find pieces of me
between the lines that I write
in books and in poetry
a weary traveler wandering in the night

Could Have Been…

So I took the road less traveled
when I could have been a nurse
I would’ve been more popular at family parties
instead of hearing them say, “she couldn’t have done any worse

than choosing to be what she is right now
dreaming her dreams all day
doing nothing but make up stories –
is that even legal anyway?”

I could be saving lives
instead I just make them all up
I put them through hell and right back again
sometimes they even get knocked up

I could have been a nurse till I retired
and then write the stories after I was done
but that’s not what I chose to do in this life
because deep inside, I know we only have one.

Daily Prompt

Recommended Reading: I Thought My Father Was God | The Daily Post

In April 1946, Theodore Lustig was discharged after serving three years in the army in World War II. Heading home on a train to New Jersey, he had grand plans for his new life. First, he bought a white shirt: a symbol of his return to a normal routine. The next step? Finding the girl of his dreams: his high school crush.

In his very short piece — “What If?” — he writes:

We got on the same bus — hers — and sat together reminiscing about the past and talking about the future. I told her of my plans and showed her the shirt I had bought — my first step toward making my dream come true. I didn’t tell her that she was supposed to be step two.

“What If?” is just one story among the 180 true stories in I Thought My Father Was God: And Other True Tales From NPR’s National Story Project, a compilation of the best submissions to Paul Auster for this story project on All Things Considered. Each tale is a small window into one stranger’s life: a glimpse into the American mind and heart. The stories are grouped into broad themes: animals, objects, families, slapstick, strangers, war, love, death, dreams, and meditations.

Tales from NPR's National Story Project

via Recommended Reading: I Thought My Father Was God | The Daily Post.

I’ve been a fan of NPR’s National Story Project since it began, and each story they aired always made me cry.  You heard their voices, felt their emotions – and now you can read their stories!  This is definitely one that I’m getting for myself!

Jumping In

Go down the rabbit hole with Alice; play quidditch with Harry Potter; float down the river with Huck Finn… If you could choose three fictional events or adventures to experience yourself, what would they be?


Take me to Hogwarts to learn a spell or two,
then off to Wonderland, where there’s lots to do –
smoke that dreamy pipe, and even have some tea,
then take a bite of mushroom, and set our minds free.

There’s a dragon to kick out of a mountain top,
even an elf king to escape from, so don’t you stop.
We’ve got enemies to face, both far and wide
but if we’re stuck, there are eagles on our side.

And after all our adventures have been fought and won,
let’s return to Bilbo’s hobbit hole for the task is done.
For the time has come again to end the spell,
and leap out from the pages that we know so well.

Daily Prompt