Because I’ve Had a Bit Too Much


For the past week we’ve been eating spaghetti
nothing but good ol’ spaghetti –
all because the man had a craving
and he simply got tired of waiting
for me to get my act together,
and make something that was better
than the usual chicken dishes,
some too exotic they were deemed suspicious.

So while I was at work,
he simply went berserk
and whipped up not one, but three
pots and tubs of spaghetti!
And now we’re all so sick of it.
So back to chicken we commit,
and maybe fish and veggies, too.
Do you like spaghetti?
I’m no longer sure if I do.


Daily Prompt: Being Sophia

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

I’d love to have been Sophia Loren for a day.

Anyone who can say things such as:






and the best one ever…


is a woman whose skin I’d love to inhabit for even 24 hours.

You can’t beat beauty, compassion, brains … and spaghetti.