Stop looking at your damn phone, for once
watch your kid, and push him on the swing,
instead you sit with your eyes glued to your phone
letting someone else push him, while you simply sit there
looking dim.

And when he tries to help another kid,  you blame him
and say we’re going home if you don’t behave,
And he tells you he really was helping the other kid, but you didn’t see that, did you?  Too busy looking at your phone again –
what the hell’s on the display?

Are we this distracted now, seemingly burdened
to raise a generation of ignored kids?
Do we even see the stupidity of it all, our phones
more important to us than the reading out loud
of three little pigs?

Isn’t it a laugh when we purport to spend time with them
only to stare at our gleaming phone screens?
And let them play and run and be beaten by bullies
but we’ll never know that – our faces super-glued
to these damn machines.




Technology’s Great…Isn’t It?

“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein

Do you agree?

© Kakigori | Dreamstime.com - Girls Sitting Using Smartphone Photo
© Kakigori | Dreamstime.com – Girls Sitting Using Smartphone Photo

I used to know my way around this big city
It was quite easy to go from point A to point B
but now that I have this thing called a smart phone
I can no longer find my way anywhere on my own

I know all about what’s happening all over the world
I can tell you where in Morocco  you can find the best gold
But don’t ask me where to take the little one to play
If I didn’t have my smart phone, I wouldn’t know what to do all day

And at night when it’s time to sit down for dinner
The menu’s from the web, of course – and that’s a slice of liver
It’s good for you, my smart phone says and I believe it
They say it’s the world’s most potent food, so don’t just stare at it!

When it’s time for bed, why don’t we read a bedtime story?
My online library’s overflowing, Oh here’s Sleeping Beauty!
The words, they dance on the screen – isn’t that amazing?
Till my smart phone dies – now that’s a fate worse than a spindle sting!

So charge it up, for tomorrow’s another day
We know so much, yet we no longer know what to say
to the ones around us, our eyes glued only to the screen.
Technology’s great, isn’t it?  Yet it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen

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