do you know what you did to me
when i first met you?

do you have any idea how you saved me
how the sound of your voice pulled me through

from the darkness i was drowning from
your words of unconditional love

were the reminders i needed to hear
of all the things i’m deserving of

like life’s little joys
just when i was at my worst

hearing only the awful things i told myself
words so unrelenting… unrehearsed

but somehow you undid all that
even if i had to listen to you on repeat

that even after the day you’d leave
i knew i was already complete.


I’ve undervalued myself for too long
and it’s time to claim my self-worth
For I’m better than I believe that I am
and there’s a need for what I have to give
on this earth

Even if they’re just stories, they’re all of value,
even for just one person, or two –
for I can’t undervalue my gifts any longer
and neither, dear soul, can you.

Daily Prompt