tell me the things you dream of when no one is looking
whisper them in my ear so only i can hear
about the things i do that make your heart go a-flutter
tell me everything before this moment between us disappears

for nothing can last forever
not even the moments we treasure inside our hearts
believing them safe from envious prying eyes
who want nothing more but to pick our love apart

and fling everything we once shared in the cold and dank wind
laugh in our faces and say, oh those poor souls
so tell me now those secrets you’ve long kept hidden
before they rip apart two hearts that were once fully whole

box of secrets

you gave me a box of secrets yesterday
and though you told me not to take a peek, i did
and now my life will never be the same
how could i not know of all the secrets you hid?

the love you have for me
passion for a life that can never be
how could i not know all this?
a life with you would have been pure bliss

but some things were never meant to be
no matter how hard we wished them to be real
so many roads that lie ahead of us
but which ones among them can make us truly feel

the love we can never share together
passion we have for no other
how could you have held secret so big a thing?
a life with you – I would have wanted for nothing

and so your box of secrets will remain safe with me
even though i’m sure you knew i’d take a peek
for isn’t that why you gave it to me to treasure
knowing that i, too, have secrets to keep

the love i have for you
passion i yearn for but will never come true
how could i have kept it secret for so long?
a lifetime spent with you… only now you’ve gone.

NaPoWriMo Day 5: Champion

let me be your champion, he said
let me stand by your side
let me be there for the highs and the lows,
let me inside your mind

tell me the things you yearn for,
but don’t tell me what turns you on,
your body tells me more than your words ever can
the darkness you seek, reborn

show me how much you want this
enough to give me your devotion and pain,
and I’ll give you the calm you’ve been searching for
my touch, the balm to the darkest desires you can’t name.