it was never about the sex.
it was always about connection.
it was never about the way you moved
(well, maybe a little)
it was more than a simple distraction
and as long as you’re willing to keep on going
then i’m game, too
for as long as this connections holds, baby
it’ll always be with you

some days

some days i fall
and some days
i don’t.
some days
i’m the best
I can ever be
(like being your
‘good girl’)
while on other days,
i won’t.

for some days i refuse
to give you up
although some days
i do.
and other days
i tell myself
you were never mine
to begin with,
and some days,
it’s true.

and then there are days
when i wake up next to you
and i know then
i must have done
something good
for some days i fall
headfirst into love
and every single
time i do
it’s with you.

secret place

we all have them
and you’re mine
you’re the one
i’ll be thinking of
when no one is looking
time after time

it took forever
for us to figure things out
but with you here with me
your touch,
your voice
erases every

so i’ll keep you
hidden away
in my deepest secret place
as you keep me safe
in your strong
and warm


i woke up today not missing you
as much as i did yesterday
you could say it’s an improvement
i no longer feel as frayed
as i did when you left
those first four weeks were simply hell
not knowing what to do with my emotions
even with your well thought-out farewells

but you were right to say what you did
that time will heal the pain i’d feel
time always does, it seems
which only makes everything surreal
the pain that seemed so true
emotions that overtook all reason
as if reminding me i still existed
my heart guilty of treason

one day i’ll forget all about you
like i’ve forgotten everyone who came before
their names hidden inside every poem
as my heart sang and my soul soared
powerful at every start
overruling everything i believed to be right
until every promise broke my heart
its pieces cast out like stars in the night

it’ll be okay

it’ll be okay, i tell myself
for what else is there left to say
when my heart and mind can’t take any more
of the bad things happening every day

the ones you don’t see or hear about
they’re the worst ones of all
when you don’t know what lies behind their eyes
until the moment when you fall

down on your knees praying for reprieve
that may not just come
for the world’s gone too dark now
where has all the love gone?

but it’ll be okay, we’ll tell ourselves
until we run out of things to say
but only half-truths and outright lies
and it’ll just be another day


do you know what you did to me
when i first met you?

do you have any idea how you saved me
how the sound of your voice pulled me through

from the darkness i was drowning from
your words of unconditional love

were the reminders i needed to hear
of all the things i’m deserving of

like life’s little joys
just when i was at my worst

hearing only the awful things i told myself
words so unrelenting… unrehearsed

but somehow you undid all that
even if i had to listen to you on repeat

that even after the day you’d leave
i knew i was already complete.

Let Your Soul Play

Well, what do you know?  It’s Saturday!
One of the best days of the week,
when the world slows down and says, “Hey!
Life really isn’t that bleak.”

So throw all your worries away,
forget about every one’s tantrums
The week is over; it’s time to play
Time to smell all those flowering blossoms

Or write a poem and read it out loud
even if there’s no one there to listen
Let your thoughts spring wings and fly
Let your dreams find their haven.

Or maybe hike up that hill in the distance
and watch the birds fly high above
Blink at the sun’s rays warming your skin
Be with the people you love.

Tonight, let’s pop open the wine
And turn up the volume just a bit
so we can dance like no one is watching
This is no time to sit still

But laugh, and even sing if the mood hits you
Forget the housework for just one day
It’s time to rest, it’s time to let go,
time to let our souls play.

Daily Prompt

speak softly to me

speak softly to me
let me hear your voice in my dreams
as you crawl under the covers tonight
let’s lose ourselves in starlight and moonbeams

speak softly to me
slip your strong arms around my waist
let me cradle my head on your shoulder
feel me melt in your protective embrace

speak softly to me
and tell me you’ll never let me go
hold me tight and breathe me in
whisper those lies i’ve come to know

sleepy kisses

i miss your sleepy kisses
along the nape of my neck
i miss the way your warm touch
unravels this tangled wreck
of emotions still raw
from days long gone
from words left behind
that go on and on
words meant to stunt
leaving unseen scars
words that blot out
the moon and the stars
leaving my world too dark
to find my way home
until your words guide me back
no matter how far i roam.

all heart

i’m all heart
in case you didn’t know
i wear my feelings on my sleeve
now you’ve got the memo

so don’t go breaking my heart
not if you can help it
but if you have to, do it slow
or like a bandage on a wound,
just rip it

maybe then, i’ll finally learn
that things don’t always work out
at least not in the way i want them to
that’s just what life is all about

i just wish i wasn’t all heart
that i had some brains, too
so i’d recognize when i’m just settling,
and simply making do