28: Inkling

it was just an inkling,
nothing more,
the softest of whispers
before the dawn

his touch speaking volumes,
a sweet caress
as she folded into his arms,
become his to possess

his to hold,
his to bind
all his to do as he pleased
two hearts entwined

and in the morning light,
when the doubts would flee
she knew then he was hers
utterly, completely

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He appears in many guises,
filling every corner of my dreams,
his darkness matching the demons
that linger beneath the seams
of the fears I seek to bury
yet no matter how hard I try
he comes without knocking, unbidden
like a swarm of locusts darkening the sky

And after he gets what he wants from me
stripping me of everything I once held dear
it’s a release that’s like no other,
where nothing else dares come near.
And so I leave the door wide open
of this little cage I still cling to,
waiting patiently for him to return,
gracing me with a madness that speaks so true.

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I have to tell you I’m sorry
for weighing you down with all my secrets
the ones that kept me stuck underneath the muck
the same ones that seek your allegiance,
keeping you down beneath the surface
where nothing moves, but only the dead,
dreams long snuffed out from ignorance,
replacing with regret where hopes once tread

Would I have known you’d be trapped here with me
underneath this dank prison of my dreams
I’d have warned you to keep on moving,
and cover your ears from my screams
But I was lonely and so I beckoned
and hearing my siren’s call you came,
longing for someone to see and hear you,
seeking my audience for your pain.

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There’s a storm in my heart
that rages whenever you’re gone,
wondering why you had to leave again,
what did I do wrong?

Did I ask too many questions
the last time you were here?
Did I not hear your instructions?
Weren’t you at all clear

that I’m supposed to be silent
when your storms howl deep inside,
when your demons come back for you,
and there’s no place to hide?

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it burns constantly
its embers aglow
searing through memories and concealing
the secrets you think nobody knows

but secrets have a way of revealing
the inner depths of your soul,
unnamed wants, silenced dreams
you think when fulfilled, can make you whole

and so it burns, this need
that threatens to consume you –
to unearth the real you long kept hidden away,
delaying the demons seeking their due

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Forty-Eight Hours

Forty-eight hours since you took your own life
and everyone’s struggling to pick up the pieces,
trying to figure out where they went wrong
hoping the pain burrowing deeper inside them decreases,
even as your friends back at school
talk about you now in the past tense,
did you find the peace you were searching for
when the demons finally breached your last defense?


Life in the big city and all I can see
is the world passing me by
as I try not to be
just like everyone else
though it’s quite hard to do
because who doesn’t want to fit in
even when it’s the last thing
I want to do?

For it can be quite difficult
being who I want to be
even if I know I’m just one of many
who end up being a nobody
in a world where it’s better to be seen
for who I’m not
as long as I fit in, does it really matter
that it’s not what I really want?

Daily Prompt

High Maintenance

Given the chance,
I’d probably be high maintenance
wanting only tailored dresses and designer shoes
to wear to parties where I can shmooze

Hanging out with creative peeps,
drinking wine and telling stories
before stumbling home at dawn,
my bank account overdrawn

thankfully, I’m simply too broke
to squander a few bucks on even a smoke
I much prefer hanging out in sweats and tees
fashionably correct in my Minions jammies

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