Let Your Soul Play

Well, what do you know?  It’s Saturday!
One of the best days of the week,
when the world slows down and says, “Hey!
Life really isn’t that bleak.”

So throw all your worries away,
forget about every one’s tantrums
The week is over; it’s time to play
Time to smell all those flowering blossoms

Or write a poem and read it out loud
even if there’s no one there to listen
Let your thoughts spring wings and fly
Let your dreams find their haven.

Or maybe hike up that hill in the distance
and watch the birds fly high above
Blink at the sun’s rays warming your skin
Be with the people you love.

Tonight, let’s pop open the wine
And turn up the volume just a bit
so we can dance like no one is watching
This is no time to sit still

But laugh, and even sing if the mood hits you
Forget the housework for just one day
It’s time to rest, it’s time to let go,
time to let our souls play.

Daily Prompt

speak softly to me

speak softly to me
let me hear your voice in my dreams
as you crawl under the covers tonight
let’s lose ourselves in starlight and moonbeams

speak softly to me
slip your strong arms around my waist
let me cradle my head on your shoulder
feel me melt in your protective embrace

speak softly to me
and tell me you’ll never let me go
hold me tight and breathe me in
whisper those lies i’ve come to know


it’s one big exhale
this thing called letting go
punishing ourselves believing
we reap what others sow
every damn time
it’s all so unrelenting
the blame, the guilt, the fear
all of it, unforgiving
until the moment comes
when the armor we wear starts falling apart
revealing tired and battered souls
and broken broken hearts
it’s going to take time
to trust ourselves again
learn to love and laugh and cry
and live beyond the pen

first kiss

i remember my first real kiss
with a boy close to my own age
it was the summer i turned sixteen
barely out of that awkward stage

he was tall and very handsome
with a mischievous glint in his brown eyes
and when he smiled, i simply melted
my heart laid bare, i had nothing to disguise

until the night he kissed me
when i learned the differences between
that first kiss i wanted from a boy so badly
and the ones before that left me unclean


the sun woke me up today
it told me something I’d almost forgotten
it’s going to be a good day, he said
bet you don’t hear that often.

not recently, I replied as i stretched
feeling my back lengthen and my skin warm
kissed by the sun this lovely morning,
i hope this is going to be the norm

for even as the world seems all afraid
of something it cannot see
the birds still sing and the breeze still blows
and all this happens with… or without me

oh, don’t be so negative, mr sun said
as i made my bed and got ready for the day
life will always go on whether you’re ready or not, he said
just put on a smile; your body hears everything you say.

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broken vow

the earth seems no longer silent
it’s speaking to us loud and clear
take better care of me, ambitious humans
or lose everything you hold dear

keep listening to the naysayers and deniers
who tell you that everything is just fine
keep buying everything your heart desires
no matter what’s on the line

more coal, more oil, more lumber
more energy than they can ever store
just don’t look at the cost that’s paid in return
all that matters is that a select few have more

but mother earth seems to be speaking to us right now
in the only way she knows how
in her wildfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,
each catastrophe, a broken vow

to take care of her and give back as much as we take
only we’ve forgotten every single one
so we take and we destroy and we let go
of the only home we know until she’s gone.


i’m thankful for family and friends
the ones who still remain true
i’m thankful for my good health
even if i blow a workout or two

i’m thankful for the good days
even the bad ones when they come
i’m grateful for each day i get to wake up
and write the stories till they’re done

and as i sit at the table today
to enjoy good company and pie
i’ll be thinking of you visiting this blog-
thank you for stopping by

i bet on black

i bet on black
and almost lost it all
never seeing how attached i was to the outcome
until i began to fall

into the abyss of your despair,
your plans, and your deceit
too late for me to climb out and save myself
instead, you made me complicit

to the plans you made
for your expiration date
so when the day finally came
all we could do was wait

but I couldn’t wait anymore
I had to bet on red
before the sun rose and set
before you’d do the things you said

i hope you’re happy now
you even got to say the last word
thank you for showing me, in the end,
who and what you really were.