Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NOW.

Alright…smile, smile, smile…not so wide or he’ll think you’re crazy or something.  Oh why oh why is this beautiful man lying on your mat, girl?  And face up, for that matter.  You must have done something good to deserve this – but not good enough because he ain’t in your bed, that’s for sure.

Oh wait, ethics.  Don’t forget your professional ethics.  Goodness, you’re a professional, for crying out loud.  Take a deep breath now.  In and then out.  In and then out.  Don’t hyperventilate. That’s a good girl.

Just imagine that he’s a normal guy, maybe some guy with the most normal face.  No, don’t look at his face right now, just do what you normally do.  If you can remember it.    Palm presses.  Yes, that’s it.  Palm presses up the feet, then down, and up again.  Move up the legs, towards the – oh, wait, maybe not too high.  Now make your way back down.  Deep breaths, that’s a good girl.  And don’t bother with the blood stop – it ain’t gonna happen.  At least not today.  You’re too crazy crushing right now, your hands just might end up where they’re not supposed to be.

It’ll die down, I promise.  This feeling that makes you just shiver all over because he’s just too gorgeous to be true and goodness gracious he’s your client.  Maybe not after you’re done with him because you’re staring at him too much. So stop staring.  Smile.  Not too wide.  No, better yet, don’t smile.  Your zygomaticus whatever is cramping.  Be professional.  If you remember how being professional actually is supposed to be.

And maybe next time when he calls for an appointment, maybe you should just say you’re booked.  Like, forever.

Because, girl, this is just not gonna do.

Daily Prompt