How things have changed between us
since the last time we parted ways,
I no longer see that swagger in your walk
nor that glint of mischief on your face

How life must have played tricks on us
since that last hello that we said
No more fears written all over my face,
nor visions of love dancing inside my head

How strange the way Fate ultimately plays us
like pieces on its worn-out chess board
Sometimes the moves are way too savvy
yet there are those done by one, as if now bored.

Once your luck was placed high above mine –
or so it seemed then to you and me
but Fate had other ideas and swept that board clean,
held you down for what seemed like eternity

Now here we are again tonight
as we sit across each other in silence
You in your place and I in mine
There’s no more time for pretense

For things have changed ever so subtly
and we’re no longer the same as we were before
How you and I have grown apart so quickly
You’re no longer the man that I once longed for.

The Kiss

I never considered myself a romantic,
at least not out in the open
till the day I felt a lover’s kiss
and realized just how I was so broken,
that deep inside –
I was just trying to survive
each day as it came, each moment lived in fear
I’d forgotten how to smile, so used I was to the tears
that danced upon my heart, like claws digging into bone
Till I saw something in his eyes, something that I used to know –
that love really is there, if I could only see it
it’s always been there, just waiting for me to believe in it
that deep within this ocean of fears, so deep that I could drown
A lover’s kiss broke the spell,  dragging the shadows
revealing the light that lay beneath,
tearing past gnashing teeth
no longer hurt nor maimed,
the power of love reclaimed –
a kiss so soft, like butterfly wings
I close my eyes, and let my soul sing.





tree branches glisten in the dappled sunlight
as streamers sway in the lazy breeze
bright ribbons in colors trailing over our heads
dancing in the wind with glorious ease

dream-like, serene, and ever so peaceful
i look at you and wonder at what i see
a handsome face to match a wondrous heart
how could one so beautiful love someone like me?

and now the wind begins to sing the next song
as the leaves above us resume its familiar dance
it’s a song only you and i will ever know
about a dream, a new beginning, another chance.

06.11.02 (updated 01.27.21)

Unmarred – A Nonet

Dissociation is such a bitch
Bites me in the ass every time
Though I never can see it
Rushing fast towards me
To tear at my heart
Pick me apart
Though unmarred


*A nonet is a nine line poem. The first line containing nine syllables, the next line has eight syllables, the next line has seven syllables. That continues until the last line (the ninth line) which has one syllable. Nonets can be written about any subject. Rhyming is optional.