halfway across the world

I wish I knew what to do,
how to help you in any way
But I’m helpless from where I sit
halfway across the world

I’m sorry for being callus, for saying
maybe you could do this or that
for that wasn’t what you needed to hear from me
halfway across the world

A thousand friends on Facebook, you say
and not one of them could lend a helping hand
I wish I could do more than just listen to you cry
halfway across the world.

We’ve Run Out of Kindness

we’ve run out of kindness
and compassion somehow
the world just seems
too distracted and enraged
no one can tell the light
from the shadows anymore,
most of us feeling
alone and betrayed

what is there
to live for each day
when all of us struggle
to find a bit of good
in everyone we meet
everywhere we go,
all of us just wanting
to be seen and be understood?


Sometimes it can be difficult
to get yourself where you need to be
where your soul can grow and blossom,
where you can become what your heart sees

So we work at it no matter what
for it’s all that we can do,
flourish wherever we’re planted
and do what we need to stay true


via Flourish — The Daily Post

Mine – 29

should we meet? she asks him
do we dare?
will you be kind the first time?
will you be gentle?
for i’m not perfect
and it’s been awhile
since someone said i was beautiful
it’s been a damn long time
till a soul starts to wither
till it strays in search
of a touch that seeps deep within
for another soul to merge
so should we go ahead with it?
should we dare
throw everything to the wind?
will you be there?

    *This is for National Poetry Month, where I’m writing on a theme. Inspired by Álvaro de la Herrán‘s video for GQ Spain called Mine

When Self-Doubt Visits Me

Image by Cristiano Galbiati

When self-doubt visits me,
it tells me I’m no good.
It tells me I’ll never make it, that I’ll amount
to nothing in this world

And sometimes I believe him
though sometimes I rage,
wishing the things he says aren’t true,
but even my lies are showing their age

I wish I had the courage to prove him wrong,
that some day, I know I can
rise up against him and win this time
for I know deep inside I’m no sham

For I can do this, and be quite good at it
even if doubt tells me, “No.”
But what does this old friend really know?
For nothing it sows, ever really grows.

No Flowery Prose Required

We live in a world were we are judged
by the number of letters we can squeeze
on a screen
that’s as big as the palm of one’s hand
if not smaller, so many words lost,

Where 140 characters is all that we have
to tell each other how we feel
what we see, what we hear
no one has time to hear the other out
140 characters is all that you have
to make yourself clear

And books have gotten smaller,
for their the pages are now numbered in screens
and the page flips of one’s thumb –
too many flips and you lose your dear reader,
so be vigilant,
be dumb.

Simplify your message, just forget all flowery prose.
If you want to be heard, remember –
theres no dignity in wordiness,
for the Prousts of this world,
have long ago
been blurred

So I count my words carefully,
willing them to fit inside
this new age box,
and as I toss them out into the world, I fail –
for they only sink like leaden

A New Reality

Your coming back into town
doesn’t excite me anymore,
I no longer sit and count the hours
nor keep watch at the door

I no longer think of your face,
those blue eyes that once shone so bright
I no longer remember those lips,
everything about you has turned cold as ice

I no longer wish to see you again,
though I often catch myself wanting to know
how you’re doing without me wherever you are
does life become much easier once we go?

I no longer remember the curves of your face
though sometimes I catch myself thinking of us
back when things were much simpler and real
when neither one of us made such a fuss

But life has a way to tell us
that it’s high time we have to move on,
time to let go of those forgotten dreams
time to accept the reality that you and I are done


How things have changed between us
since the last time we parted ways,
I no longer see that swagger in your walk
nor that glint of mischief on your face

How life must have played tricks on us
since that last hello that we said
No more fears written all over my face,
nor visions of love dancing inside my head

How strange the way Fate ultimately plays us
like pieces on its worn-out chess board
Sometimes the moves are way too savvy
yet there are those done by one, as if now bored.

Once your luck was placed high above mine –
or so it seemed then to you and me
but Fate had other ideas and swept that board clean,
held you down for what seemed like eternity

Now here we are again tonight
as we sit across each other in silence
You in your place and I in mine
There’s no more time for pretense

For things have changed ever so subtly
and we’re no longer the same as we were before
How you and I have grown apart so quickly
You’re no longer the man that I once longed for.

The Kiss

I never considered myself a romantic,
at least not out in the open
till the day I felt a lover’s kiss
and realized just how I was so broken,
that deep inside –
I was just trying to survive
each day as it came, each moment lived in fear
I’d forgotten how to smile, so used I was to the tears
that danced upon my heart, like claws digging into bone
Till I saw something in his eyes, something that I used to know –
that love really is there, if I could only see it
it’s always been there, just waiting for me to believe in it
that deep within this ocean of fears, so deep that I could drown
A lover’s kiss broke the spell,  dragging the shadows
revealing the light that lay beneath,
tearing past gnashing teeth
no longer hurt nor maimed,
the power of love reclaimed –
a kiss so soft, like butterfly wings
I close my eyes, and let my soul sing.





The branches glisten in the dappled sunlight
as streamers sway in the breeze
bright ribbons in colors trailing over our heads
dancing in the wind with such glorious ease

Dream-like, serene, and ever so peaceful
I look at you and wonder at what I see
A handsome face to match a wondrous heart
How could one so beautiful love someone like me?

And now the wind begins to sing a song
And the leaves above us begin its familiar dance
A song only you and I will ever know
About a dream, a new beginning…another chance