a simple wish

it’s christmas eve and i hope you find yourself
surrounded with love, friends near and far, and good cheer

for although this year might not be like any other
we’ve experienced before, my hope is that love never changes,

that friendships continue to exist and strengthen
even through a layer of digital screens and beautifying filters,

and even with all the data bouncing between us,
there is still that thread of all things true –

friendship, lovingkindness, and trust
and know always that i am thankful for you



i thought i was being smart
to listen to your words with a guarded heart
but little by little, your words made it through
and before i knew it, my heart lay bare before you

i didn’t even realize it happening
until tears ran down my cheeks, so unsettling
how could such words break through all the years
of walls and fences meant to cover up my fears?

maybe that’s just one of the ways love weaves its magic
little by little, healing armored hearts so fragile
reminding them there’s magic out there just waiting
if only they step out of their armor and taste the rain

2020 © morrighansmuse


let them talk behind your back
let them ridicule the way you dress and look
let them tell him he can do better than what he got
let them even help him look

let them laugh about the poetry you write
let them joke about the worlds you built
let them exchange looks whenever you arrive
yet never let them drive you to feel any guilt

but let yourself feel the feelings you need
maybe even break down and cry
but when morning comes get the fuck out of bed
and never forget your why

why you do the things you do
why you love the people you love
why you stand up for the ones you care for
why you don’t care if you get kicked and shoved

you don’t have to explain yourself to them
you don’t even have to say goodbye
just pick yourself up every time you fall
and when things get tougher, never forget your why.

use your words

it’s so easy to say things in the heat of the moment
not caring how the words tumble out
words that carry more than they mean to
words that hurt, maim, and cast doubt

for words have power more than we know
they’ve helped create civilizations and have torn them down too
words have led people to the depths of utter despair
but they’ve also helped so many pull through

it isn’t a difficult task to ask for, really,
to use our words to bring out the good
it’s not easy but it’s worth a try every single day
and maybe some day, we can all be understood.

one more time

like a butterfly landing

on my unsuspecting shoulder

or the palm of my hand,

i will hold your love close to my heart

knowing you can leave

any time you want.

but if i could be selfish

for just one moment

i would ask you to stay

just a bit longer

long enough to feel your heart

beat against my cheek

just one more time.

if i could

if i could give you all the love in the world,
i would write it all down in a book
in all the languages that i could think of
no matter how long it took

so i caught all the words I needed one day
telling them they were meant for someone precious to me
a good friend with the biggest heart
who reminded me i was loved and that i was worthy

of everything good the world had to offer
just like he deserved only the very best, too,
i wanted him to know all this and more
so i begged Love to be still before my plan would fall through

but all the words had other plans
as they struggled to lift off the page
ruffling the pages of the book in front of me
for they did not wish to be caught nor caged

we do best when we’re set free, they said
and that’s exactly what you’re going to do
so you can give him all the love you could ever want
matching every bit of love he gave to you

for some things in life are simpler than they seem
like a heartfelt wish sent with the purest intentions
so if you wish to let him know how you truly feel
just say the words
, no need to make an impression

and after some thought, that’s exactly what i did
as i flipped through all the pages and let the words go
for you already know how much you mean to me,
i just wanted the rest of the world to know.

box of secrets

you gave me a box of secrets yesterday
and though you told me not to take a peek, i did
and now my life will never be the same
how could i not know of all the secrets you hid?

the love you have for me
passion for a life that can never be
how could i not know all this?
a life with you would have been pure bliss

but some things were never meant to be
no matter how hard we wished them to be real
so many roads that lie ahead of us
but which ones among them can make us truly feel

the love we can never share together
passion we have for no other
how could you have held secret so big a thing?
a life with you – I would have wanted for nothing

and so your box of secrets will remain safe with me
even though i’m sure you knew i’d take a peek
for isn’t that why you gave it to me to treasure
knowing that i, too, have secrets to keep

the love i have for you
passion i yearn for but will never come true
how could i have kept it secret for so long?
a lifetime spent with you… only now you’ve gone.

love affair

i’ve finally decided to have a love affair
a heck of a surprising discovery
for while i was setting up a zoom call
i found someone beautiful looking back at me

maybe it was the lighting that played on her face
even if she was clearly in some drab kitchen
with fridge magnets spelling D I N N E R behind her
it took less than a minute… but i was smitten

there was warmth to her smile
a glint of mischief in her eyes
and when she said, why hello there stranger
i could tell she was funny, caring, and wise

i didn’t notice the wrinkles on her face
or the gray roots that she somehow missed
all i saw was a woman who glowed from the inside
someone who was grateful to exist

how i wanted to be just like her
a woman so confident in her own skin
that’s when she said, oh dear heart but i am you
and you already have everything you need within