walk with me

if we’re being honest, what we have won’t go very far
we’re just two people on separate journeys
seeking to fill the loneliness in our hearts
so we play, we laugh, we giggle
we tell each other one secret after another,
hoping little by little that the emptiness we feel
diminishes with each passing day
until the time comes when we run out of things to say
but goodbye and good luck. thank you
for picking up my broken pieces along the way.

one step at a time

what do you dream of
when you close your eyes?
do you see a future filled with possibilities
or do you see a past littered with lies—

the ones you told yourself
when you thought no one was looking
the ones that shaped the way you saw the world
making you believe you didn’t deserve anything?

where did things change for you?
when did they fall apart?
was it when they said you couldn’t do anything right
or was it when he broke your heart?

was it the day they promised you the world
but never came back?
will you believe me if i tell you
that you can get yourself back on track

to a place where possibilities are endless
where hope and joy spring from deep within
one step at a time, one win at a time,
all we have to do is believe… and begin.

Voices Carry

Scream by Sepraven on DeviantArt


He doesn’t realize how far voices carry
the many painful memories it unleashes
when he shouts at the boy to do this or that
he doesn’t realize how far it brings her back

Back to a time when she had no control
no power to stop things from happening
when she was too young to say no no no
though it makes no difference, even now that she’s grown

He doesn’t know how far back it takes her
he doesn’t care and she knows that
he simply shouts a shout deep from his gut
he doesn’t get it, nor does he give a fuckity fuck.

It springs from the deepest darkest part of her
the questions it bares to her like fanged teeth
what are you still doing here, it taunts her as she seethes
the door’s right there; why don’t you just get up and leave?

But she cannot do that, not while she’s still bound
by self-belief-built bars of culture, expectations and her mistakes
so for now, she’ll let voices carry as far as it can take her ragged soul
screaming in the void and fracturing what long ago was once whole