catch yourself

catch yourself, the little girl said, 
before you fall too far and too deep 
for those feelings you feel are nothing more 
but a quick high for those who fall asleep 
and lose themselves in their dreams 
of love, passion, and utter devotion, 
a promise that he's true only to you 
when you know too well 
     it's but a hopeless notion
for his heart belongs to someone else
and you knew that from the start 
so catch yourself before you fall deeper 
and lose what little is left of your lonely heart 
but should you continue to play, 
know what waits for you in the end. 
dreams shattered, hearts broken, 
and that emptiness that no words from any man 
     can ever mend

the game

you’re not good for me,
everyone knows that
but my heart hasn’t gotten the memo yet
still trying to remain detached

walking right along the middle
between good choices and bad
one side looking quite boring
while on the other, lots of fun to be had

where there are no rules
not the ones everyone knows of
except for one that gets broken every time
it’s when someone falls in love

so what can you do then,
when you’ve clearly broken the rules?
do you say time out and leave the game
or do you keep going and play the fool?