After the Fall


Not my favorite picture at all, but one of the first I spotted (the first had my brother standing next to me, and  he does not like having his pictures anywhere online so that was out of the running).  This was taken in New Mexico by my friend Sara, who takes the most amazing pictures.

She asked me to pose for her one afternoon – without make-up – which is very rare for me to do.  The first time I ever went out without make-up was with this guy I was so crazy about and for this wedding that he was taking me to, he persuaded me NOT to wear make-up which would have gone with my amazing dress.  Lesson to self: never listen to guys tell you that you look beautiful without make-up (and I don’t even care how cray-cray you are for the guy – just don’t), not when your couture dress and shoes require you to have a face to match the ensemble and everyone present at a Malibu wedding, no less.

But, I digress – for Sara, I was willing to pose without make-up.  I’d just split up from said boyfriend, or whatever he wanted to call himself, and I was down in the dumps.  We walked around the neighborhood, through the tall weeds that bordered the South Valley of Albuquerque and she told me where to look, what to do, and I just followed directions, not knowing what would come out.  Out of all the pictures she took, I picked only one, and it wasn’t this picture.

Daily Prompt

A Perfect View for a Not So Perfect Day

 I used to love driving into Los Angeles.  I had my usual haunts – Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Getty Center, LA Library with its five underground floors, and so many more.

But that was before I had my little one.  Since then – and that’s five years – I’ve basically been staying local.  Driving with a baby in the car was nerve-wracking and these days, driving with a little boy with endless questions in the car while you’re trying to keep your cool during LA rush hour is just as nerve-wracking. 

Not so nerve wracking that I couldnt snap this while sitting in traffic

So yesterday was one of those days where I should have consulted the Philippine Consulate website and read the fine print that they’d moved location – and looked much closer about the times they were open, and most of all, that of the REAL time that their notarization department remained open which was apparently not 8 – 5 like their website said, but according to the security guard at the front who pointed to the plastic covered 8 x 10 sign on his desk, “our times have changed since last week. They now close at 3. Come back tomorrow.”

And so we took a drive to one of my old favorite places – Griffith Observatory even though the observatory itself was closed on Monday.  Still, one can walk around the premises and soak in the view of smog-covered Los Angeles.  

We’re going to make another foray into the city on Thursday and this time we’ll stay the whole day till the documents are notarized.  This time I’ll take him to the park right below the Hollywood sign, and probably back to the observatory and this time with quarters so he can use those telescopes.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll make the drive into the city more often from now on and make it a little-guy-and-me weekly road trip .  After all, just because I used to do things doesn’t mean I no longer can’t.

A Beautiful Day

Nothing to do with Daily Posts or anything – just a quick post to show you how my day started.  I feel like I’m about to die from this walk but heck, the view was gorgeous, so it was worth getting out of my writing chair and allowing my friend to drag me out for a nice walk around the neighborhood…

Once I catch my breath, I’ll return into my mind palace to come up with my Daily Post.