they say she’s cold,
too lost in her past
one that’s filled with darkness
one that’s meant to last

forever if she lets it
letting it eat her from the inside
like the fires of passion burning
leaving her no place to hide

and so she writes out the demons
teasing them with flowery words
letting her fiery passions rage
in an eternal purge

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

Mine – 15

his kisses blaze a trail from her lips
to the base of her neck where her pulse throbs,
hard with longing for so much more,
his hands exploring, moving lower than it did

do you want me to stop? he asks just when she thinks
she can’t take any more.
do you want me to keep going
till you’ve reached the limits
of passion’s shores?

where your edges shall be smoothened,
and the raging of the waves calmed?
do you want me to keep on going,
my dove, and leave no stones