the sun woke me up today
it told me something I’d almost forgotten
it’s going to be a good day, he said
bet you don’t hear that often.

not recently, I replied as i stretched
feeling my back lengthen and my skin warm
kissed by the sun this lovely morning,
i hope this is going to be the norm

for even as the world seems all afraid
of something it cannot see
the birds still sing and the breeze still blows
and all this happens with… or without me

oh, don’t be so negative, mr sun said
as i made my bed and got ready for the day
life will always go on whether you’re ready or not, he said
just put on a smile; your body hears everything you say.

Read by In My Hands Audio

How Does He Know?!

Just a cute video to open the week – you know, one of those days where there’s so much to do but I don’t know what to do.  Anyway, this is the Josh Williams Band performing live 3 years ago, when a baby bird landed on his guitar in the middle of the song, Mordecai

Now that’s a real Disney princess prince!


The Home We Live In – Happy Earth Day!

We’ve really only got this one home,
this I know is true
It sustains us, it nourishes us,
no matter what we do
For it gives us everything we could ever need
each and every hour
from its highest peak to its deepest trench
there’s beauty in every flower
There’s grace in every sunrise
sweet repose with every sunset,
clouds to bring us quenching rain
how can one ever forget?
With every drop of morning dew
there’s a secret to behold
if only one stops to listen
and allow earth’s beauty to unfold
So we do what we can
to care for what’s been given
It can’t ever stop –
this is the home we all live in.