Happy Mothers’ Day!

Every day is Mothers’ Day as far as I’m concerned. And it’s not limited to those who’ve borne children, for I know of many women – and men – who have such mothering souls and I am grateful to have had – and still do – have them in my life.  

This here be my mum! Ah, the days of the bowl cut! Unfortunately,  her “being gorgeous” gene skipped me. 😀

Daily Prompt: Mommy

Today is Mother’s Day in the United States. Wherever in the world you are, write your mother a letter.

It’s funny to hear me call you that still
But that’s what you are to me
No one can tell me that I’m too old to call you by that name
For you’ll always be “mommy” to me

You raised me at a time when you felt so alone
Betrayed by the one you loved, driven away from your home
Back to the house you ran away from, where the ghosts still haunt your thoughts to this day
Mommy, I understand what you went through and I love you each and every day

You tried to love me the best you could
With nannies and servants to do everything you were supposed to do
While you battled the demons of your past,
I can only imagine how alone you were, with no one to turn to

And now I’m all grown up
and how I wish you and I lived close by
Where you’d have your very own room in my little home
We’d be able to live together still, you and I

For we’re both mothers now, and I know the truth
That though life is filled with tricksters and liars and everything in between
In you lives the gentlest, sweetest, most childlike heart of all
That I ever did see, and have seen.