sleepy kisses

i miss your sleepy kisses
along the nape of my neck
i miss the way your warm touch
unravels this tangled wreck
of emotions still raw
from days long gone
from words left behind
that go on and on
words meant to stunt
leaving unseen scars
words that blot out
the moon and the stars
leaving my world too dark
to find my way home
until your words guide me back
no matter how far i roam.

The Things He Left Behind

the things he left behind
sit on his favorite desk
masculine and so refined,
so tempting; it’s hard to resist
touching them beneath my fingers,
feeling the cold steel and worn leather
everything reminding me of him
and his unrepenting tether

Take Care

There are days when you miss someone
and you don’t understand why
they’ve managed to touch you so
and they didn’t even have to try

they simply listened to you
and did their best to be “there”
and when you needed a virtual hand
they reached out to show they cared

but it’s days like this that hits me the hardest
when i find myself missing you
your words of comfort telling me, take care
it doesn’t even matter if they’re true

just knowing you’ll be back again
will keep the demons at bay
as i try not to count the hours
and go on living for the coming day.

I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You

I’ve been meaning to tell you
that I thought of you today
for there was simply too many things
we never got to say.

I see you in the sunrise,
and in the setting of the sun
I see you in everything in between
each moment bleeding into one

every memory we shared a sweet release,
each caress of the wind, a sigh
from my lips to yours wherever you are
how I wish we could have said good-bye

instead I see you everywhere
I even hear you in my dreams
and every morning as I wake
the thoughts of you begin.