a simple wish

it’s christmas eve and i hope you find yourself
surrounded with love, friends near and far, and good cheer

for although this year might not be like any other
we’ve experienced before, my hope is that love never changes,

that friendships continue to exist and strengthen
even through a layer of digital screens and beautifying filters,

and even with all the data bouncing between us,
there is still that thread of all things true –

friendship, lovingkindness, and trust
and know always that i am thankful for you


Merry Christmas!

May your holidays be filled with happiness and laughter
and may all your wishes come true
especially for children (like mine) who wish for Santa to only give him
a “Titanic-submersible-ship-that-breaks-in-two-and-goes-back-together,”
only to have his daddy give him a set of pajamas…actually two.