discarded notes: 4

you’re my perfect distraction,
my lip-biting, breathtaking, midday attraction
taking me away from every responsibility,
at least, for just a time until you say my name
and ask me, ever so softly in that baritone voice of yours,
did you like that, baby?
do you want more?

more than a wish

days like this are made for smiling,
giggling at the sound of your voice,
the words you say making me happy, giddy,
your messages of hope rising above the noise
of a world that wants only to distract me
from all the things that don’t matter in the end
for the most precious thing right now
is the sight of your soulful eyes the moment
we stop to pretend that what we have is temporary,
fleeting, and gone too soon
for you are more than a wish I whispered
upon a falling star. you are my sun
and i, your moon.

the dance

with every brush of his fingers
against hers, she sensed every emotion,
every glance caressing her like a lover,
his gaze holding more than just her form.
he held her heart.

And every time he let go,
she felt the chasm grow,
only to knit itself back
the moment he drew her
in his arms again.

would you rather

if you could choose moments to take with you wherever you go,
which ones would you pick?

would you choose that first time he spoke your name
or would you rather go for that first kiss?

would you discard the moments when he broke your heart
keeping the ones where he chased away the pain with a heartfelt word,

those times when you thought you couldn’t go on
until he held you in his arms and for the first time in a long time, you felt heard?

would you find it hard to pick and choose
which moments to keep and which ones to toss away

or would you rather take all the moments just as they are
no matter how many times you both have gone astray?


it’s the little things you do that make me happy
like remembering to wish me a happy valentine’s day
as i lie here snuggled under the covers
feeling like it’s suddenly my birthday

it’s the sweet things you say that make me smile
gentle words you know touch me deeply
simply because that’s just the way you are
and it’s why i love you completely

happy valentine’s day

the game

you’re not good for me,
everyone knows that
but my heart hasn’t gotten the memo yet
still trying to remain detached

walking right along the middle
between good choices and bad
one side looking quite boring
while on the other, lots of fun to be had

where there are no rules
not the ones everyone knows of
except for one that gets broken every time
it’s when someone falls in love

so what can you do then,
when you’ve clearly broken the rules?
do you say time out and leave the game
or do you keep going and play the fool?

hands like yours

with hands like yours we could build a future together
with you holding onto me and never letting go
keeping me safe from the demons that besiege me
when the storms come, you’re there and you know
that some days you’re stronger than me
even when you feel sometimes you’re too soft
caring too much and loving too long
but with you, i never feel lost

for you’re there to build me up and keep our secrets safe
making love to me with your body, your mind, your heart
with hands like yours and a soul like no other
no distance can ever keep us apart
so hold fast, my love, and never let me go
we’re in this together now and there’s no turning back
let’s conquer what’s to come through good times and bad,
and watch our love grow ever stronger between the cracks.

bow and arrow

with a bow and arrow
only you can see
you pierced my heart
and brought me down to my knees

with a look that you give
meant only for me
and a voice like honey
that’s nectar to the lonely

no longer afraid
i step into your darkness
feel the sting of your caress
as i lose myself in the stillness

our desires engulfing us
like moths drawn to a flame
too late to realize
the price of love’s game

one more time

like a butterfly landing

on my unsuspecting shoulder

or the palm of my hand,

i will hold your love close to my heart

knowing you can leave

any time you want.

but if i could be selfish

for just one moment

i would ask you to stay

just a bit longer

long enough to feel your heart

beat against my cheek

just one more time.