darkened corridors,
red-tinged rooms
from where she sees beyond
the fringes of the gloom
that is her imagination
beyond where she runs free
where the feel of his touch unmans her
and the sound of his voice lets her be
whoever she’s always wanted
behind every closed door
where she’s all-around perfection
his mysterious personal whore –
but always with her consent,
it’s the one card she holds
but beyond each open door, a crack
where others see only the lies
they’re sold.

Via Daily Post – Craving

Mine – 3


do you trust me?
he asks me
do you trust me to know
when to stop?
do you trust
to tell me
when you’ve had enough
when that last one was
too much?

 do you think
you can let go
of the fears that hold you down?
do you trust me to know
when you’ve reached
that limit
by just a look, a whimper,
or that furrow
on your brow?

 so let yourself go,
come, rest your head
on my chest.
there’s more to come for your pleasure
so lay back down
and let’s you undressed
bare to each other, bare to the bone
bare to the truth
that we’re together and alone

*This is for National Poetry Month, where I’m writing on a theme. Inspired by Álvaro de la Herrán‘s video for GQ Spain called Mine