i ran errands yesterday –
the post office and then a stop
at the grocery store
and as i stood in line
at the checkout stand,
i found myself looking around
at first the entrances and the exits
before realizing there’s really only one door
besides the one in the back meant only
for the employees of the store
and then i thought if it should happen
while i’m standing in line, will i even
have a chance? will he pick me
because of my color or will they
simply call it happenstance?
and then i wondered, why
is the line so slow for i need
to rush home.

can the line move any faster?
i really need to go.

nothing to say

i can write you a book
and tell you everything i know
about love and friendship
and laughter.
something i’ve done
more times than i
can count.

yet why is it when your own letter comes,
i can count the words you dole out
like they’re just too precious
to spare on someone
you have no use for


let them talk behind your back
let them ridicule the way you dress and look
let them tell him he can do better than what he got
let them even help him look

let them laugh about the poetry you write
let them joke about the worlds you built
let them exchange looks whenever you arrive
yet never let them drive you to feel any guilt

but let yourself feel the feelings you need
maybe even break down and cry
but when morning comes get the fuck out of bed
and never forget your why

why you do the things you do
why you love the people you love
why you stand up for the ones you care for
why you don’t care if you get kicked and shoved

you don’t have to explain yourself to them
you don’t even have to say goodbye
just pick yourself up every time you fall
and when things get tougher, never forget your why.


there are days when you just have to know 
where you stand in this game called life 
where family values still amount to something
if you only take the time to set down that knife
you're too busy using to cut off what matters
your own eyes 
your heart 
     your soul
are in tatters 
and you've forgotten respect and integrity
too blinded in your own lies to see
that you're nothing but a hollow spineless coward
and you'll never be the man you were meant to be
until you stop, 
     take a breath, 
and look beyond the hatred you've sown
but i doubt you'd do that, your ear pressed too deep
against the field of lies you've grown all this time
against your own

all heart

i’m all heart
in case you didn’t know
i wear my feelings on my sleeve
now you’ve got the memo

so don’t go breaking my heart
not if you can help it
but if you have to, do it slow
or like a bandage on a wound,
just rip it

maybe then, i’ll finally learn
that things don’t always work out
at least not in the way i want them to
that’s just what life is all about

i just wish i wasn’t all heart
that i had some brains, too
so i’d recognize when i’m just settling,
and simply making do

over you

i’m over it
i’m over you
i’m done figuring out the whys
i’m done thinking of you

because at the end of the day
it boils down to this:
i kept on going
and you simply quit

so i’m done with the wondering
i’m done with the regret
it’s time to move on along
but to never forget

that life can be beautiful
life can be kind
there’s so much to be discovered
just waiting for the right time

but only if you believe
life’s constant ebb and flow
that some days you win and some days you lose
and some days you just have to let go

19: Blink

Blink and you’ll miss it,
the old woman said
and before you know it,
it’ll be the end

and you’ll realize too late
that you’ve yet to step out that door
even if you have no idea yet
what treasures to look for

for there’s so much to see
out there in the sun
so much to experience
before this short life is done

a kind smile
can light up one’s day
or just a look that says you care
when there’s nothing left to say

So stop your worrying,
don’t wait too late
take that step you’ve been dreaming of
there’s so much at stake.

via Daily Prompt: Blink

book case

for my birthday, i want a bookcase
where i can live a different life
page after page
each treasured book a sweet escape
never one to lose my place

for my birthday i want a home
where i can live and not be afraid
like i always am
each day the same unflinching reality
another unfulfilled life on the lam

for my birthday i want to be happy
for life will be short
from here on
i’ve fallen far from where i started
but from this moment on, I’ll be reborn

NaPoWriMo Day 6: Denial

she should have seen it a long time ago
when her lies began to wear thin,
when everything she believed in
crumbled from within

for too long she held on,
hoping things would turn out alright
until the day came and there was no one left
and her day turned into night

with no one to turn to,
no one who still cared
till her soul began to wither away
till her teeth bared

until the day she awoke,
no longer asleep at the wheel,
defeating the demons who bested her,
the ones that brought her to her knees

the stories she convinced herself to be true,
the lies that she chose to believe –
but that was a long time ago
and now she can no longer be deceived.