Sorry, Lucas North, But Another Lucas Got To Me First…

“If you haven’t read Sandford, you have been missing one of the great summer-read novelists of all time. Lucas Davenport, the policeman hero of the Prey novels, is a hard dude…but not without a sense of humor, and that makes him special. Sandford writes real-guy novels, but — judging by my wife and her sisters — real girls like him too.”

– Stephen King

Mr. King, how on earth did you read my mind????  Your wife and her sisters have impeccable taste!

If you’ve never read John Sandford’s Prey novels, you’re in for a treat!  He’s penned 21 Prey novels with Lucas Davenport as the protagonist, a hardened Minneapolis detective who is tough and sexy as heck, who knows how to shop for impeccable suits (Zegna!), and who gets the job done most of the time.

As a writer, I think my writing has been influenced by Sandford the most especially if I consider the fact that I’ve read 20 of the 22 Prey novels so far (yeah, yeah, I’ve fallen behind because I’m writing my Lucas North story) and that means I’m dedicated, and I’m hooked on his style of writing.

The Prey novels are not this deep, introspective type of novels, where you’ll find yourself pondering the meaning of life.  They’re gritty, crime novels where there are bad guys and then there are good guys.  And it’s a fun ride from beginning to end!

And what’s really exciting is that the author will be in my neck of the woods in May, my birthday month!  I will definitely be having the 30 days of Velvet, with me ordering his 23rd book and having it signed at one of the two book signings that I can go to.  I’ve penciled in one date so far and have cleared my calendar for it because if there’s a certain breed of people I actually will line up for, other than the violinist Isaac Stern, it’s writers.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.58.21 AM

So what I need to know now is, will I need a Sharpie or just a plain old pen?

And forgive me, but I think I just caught myself fangirling…