discarded notes: 6

there’s nothing sexier
than the honesty you bring
to the table as to what you can give me
and what you cannot, or where
the boundaries between us lie
so nothing we do is an afterthought.
for what we have is the raw deal.
although complicated,
what we have is real.

walk with me

if we’re being honest, what we have won’t go very far
we’re just two people on separate journeys
seeking to fill the loneliness in our hearts
so we play, we laugh, we giggle
we tell each other one secret after another,
hoping little by little that the emptiness we feel
diminishes with each passing day
until the time comes when we run out of things to say
but goodbye and good luck. thank you
for picking up my broken pieces along the way.

discarded notes: 4

you’re my perfect distraction,
my lip-biting, breathtaking, midday attraction
taking me away from every responsibility,
at least, for just a time until you say my name
and ask me, ever so softly in that baritone voice of yours,
did you like that, baby?
do you want more?

more than a wish

days like this are made for smiling,
giggling at the sound of your voice,
the words you say making me happy, giddy,
your messages of hope rising above the noise
of a world that wants only to distract me
from all the things that don’t matter in the end
for the most precious thing right now
is the sight of your soulful eyes the moment
we stop to pretend that what we have is temporary,
fleeting, and gone too soon
for you are more than a wish I whispered
upon a falling star. you are my sun
and i, your moon.

discarded notes: 1

you have made the secret stirrings inside me come alive,
my body humming with a vibration that yearns
to match yours and yours alone.

a sound, a feeling, a craving that bears your name,
even the rhythm of your heartbeat
to match my own.

little deaths

le petit mort,
that’s what she called them,
those precious moments
when he’d let go

the sound of him,
the sight of him
basking in the

allowing himself that moment
when nothing else mattered
but the beating of his heart,
the heightening of
every sense

a floating,
searing feeling
leaving them
no room for

secret place

we all have them
and you’re mine
you’re the one
i’ll be thinking of
when no one is looking
time after time

it took forever
for us to figure things out
but with you here with me
your touch,
your voice
erases every

so i’ll keep you
hidden away
in my deepest secret place
as you keep me safe
in your strong
and warm

hands like yours

with hands like yours we could build a future together
with you holding onto me and never letting go
keeping me safe from the demons that besiege me
when the storms come, you’re there and you know
that some days you’re stronger than me
even when you feel sometimes you’re too soft
caring too much and loving too long
but with you, i never feel lost

for you’re there to build me up and keep our secrets safe
making love to me with your body, your mind, your heart
with hands like yours and a soul like no other
no distance can ever keep us apart
so hold fast, my love, and never let me go
we’re in this together now and there’s no turning back
let’s conquer what’s to come through good times and bad,
and watch our love grow ever stronger between the cracks.