one step at a time

what do you dream of
when you close your eyes?
do you see a future filled with possibilities
or do you see a past littered with lies—

the ones you told yourself
when you thought no one was looking
the ones that shaped the way you saw the world
making you believe you didn’t deserve anything?

where did things change for you?
when did they fall apart?
was it when they said you couldn’t do anything right
or was it when he broke your heart?

was it the day they promised you the world
but never came back?
will you believe me if i tell you
that you can get yourself back on track

to a place where possibilities are endless
where hope and joy spring from deep within
one step at a time, one win at a time,
all we have to do is believe… and begin.

Are You Happy?


"Are you  happy?"
      I don't know, 
ask me after my coffee 
      and some blow 
Life is too crazy to guess how one feels 
      when there's way too much death 
      Won't you pass me my pills?
But ask me later 
      when the sun goes down 
And I'll tell you the truth 
      even if you're no longer around

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Happy To Be Here

What does “happiness” look like to you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPPY.


Happiness is being accepted
for who you really are inside,
for our smiles often hide tears
for each dream that has died
Sit with me now, there’s
nothing to fear,
just happy
to be

– 4/365

Nonet: A nonet is a type of poem which has nine lines, with the first line having 9 syllables, the second 8 syllables, the third 7 until the ninth line has only one. Some nonnets may also have an iambic meter (stress on every other syllable).

Daily Prompt