Mine – 27

she can’t remember the last time
she felt beautiful
when he last touched her
in her secret place
when he appeased every fear
and nightmare
when she felt safest
in his embrace

she can only feel
the distance between them
as she counts the days
before his return
for in his arms
is where she belongs
even if they both
will have to burn

 *This is for National Poetry Month, where I’m writing on a theme. Inspired by Álvaro de la Herrán‘s video for GQ Spain called Mine


So NaPoWriMo15 is officially here and as usual, I’m late in posting.  For this year’s challenge, I’m sticking to something simpler – no long tortured poetry about my life and all that, and what a big sigh of relief that is.

Instead, I’m doing an exploration of sorts.

I came across Álvaro de la Herrán‘s video for GQ Spain called Mine, and me being the visual creature that I am, I wanted to write poetry inspired by that feature that delves into what Herrán calls, “a contemporary sexual relationship” where “a kiss hides more than a tongue.”  The video has some NSFW elements so be forewarned before you click on the link.

So some of the poems might be a bit risqué and the accompanying screen caps NSFW, but it is what it is.  But because it’s an exploration for me into the realm of sensuality that I’ve never done before in poetry, I hoe that I won’t be offending too many sensibilities.

Besides, what’s the point of poetry when it becomes too safe, eh?