Flawed #2

It should really be titled Flawed No More because I think it actually came out well (except for that carelessly shaded white shirt but then who cares, right?).

I’ve realized now that ever since I started drawing in mid-April, after I decided to no longer teach the science courses at the school (and reconciling my feelings over that, money versus happiness), that each of my drawings is a meditation on something.

This one was one about making what I considered flawed un-flawed – about learning from past mistakes and making lemonade out of lemons.  It’s about not being afraid all the time over what I consider such a flawed piece because it actually isn’t.

So what if it doesn’t look like the original image? It’s an interpretation of something I’m seeing through my mind’s eye and through the filter comprising my thoughts and my fears, even my culture and my environment. Pretty loaded but through it all, what I had considered was flawed emerged, I think, beautiful.

Like life.

Mine – 27

she can’t remember the last time
she felt beautiful
when he last touched her
in her secret place
when he appeased every fear
and nightmare
when she felt safest
in his embrace

she can only feel
the distance between them
as she counts the days
before his return
for in his arms
is where she belongs
even if they both
will have to burn

 *This is for National Poetry Month, where I’m writing on a theme. Inspired by Álvaro de la Herrán‘s video for GQ Spain called Mine