Hasta Mañana!

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?


Yesterday I took another step away from my fangirl Twitter account.  I’ve been slowly distancing myself the last few weeks, ever since someone told me that maybe I should think twice about which journalists to read if I wanted to maintain certain fandom friendships.  You know – drama.

Anyway, it was alarming to see how often I checked my TL (timeline to you, folks not well-versed in Twitter).   It was the first place I visited when I turned on my laptop, my iPad, and even my phone. And it was the last thing I’d check before I went to bed.

I mean, there was still writing – but even Twitter was keeping me away from writing.  What’s the use of hashtags when you’re not really doing what the hashtag purports you to be doing?  #amwriting when it’s really #amdoingeverythingBUTwriting

Unless I was using Twitter as a social media platform to convey a message, a service, or a product, there was no longer any reason rational enough for me to justify my addiction because a) I hadn’t finished my book to begin with and b) the fandom aspect was over and done with.  It also wasn’t fun anymore.  So why still do it?

While quitting Twitter hasn’t exactly been that easy – as in, no dying need to see what everyone is up to  all the time – it did get me to focus on a secret project I needed to finish for a friend.   And even go to the beach two days in a row and get bad sunburn.

Who knows?  If this is 100% successful, who’s to say that maybe the next step will be for me to quit…Tumblr!

Maslow was wrong...
Maslow was wrong…

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CONFUSION.

I feel out of place now.  It’s a feeling that’s been bothering me for a few weeks, and this morning, after a good night’s sleep –  and an interesting dream that involved some nasty things between the sheets (talk about symbolism!), I knew what I needed to do.

For the past year I’ve fallen into a fandom that I never expected I’d ever fall into.  A year ago, I didn’t even know the word existed.  But fast forward a year later, and here I am, a self-confessed fangirl with DVD’s of North & South, Strike Back (the real first season, now retitled Strike Back Origins by Cinemax), Sparkhouse, an unwatched The Impressionists, The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey (both theatrical release and Extended Edition) and two figurines of Thorin Oakenshield.  The two of them sit on a shelf in front of an envelope from the New Zealand Post containing The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug postal stamps.

But DVD’s, figurines and stamps don’t make a fandom.  Fans do.  And after a year in this fandom, I’ve finally realized why I was never in one before.  It’s simply not the place for me.

I could enumerate the reasons why but I don’t want to waste my breath, nor expend the energy of typing them out.  I simply don’t belong in it, and it’s time for me to get out.

Thank you, Daily Prompt, for waking me up from this nightmare where I clearly don’t belong in.  Now I need to return to real life and dust off poor Thorin.  I think I just saw a spider crawling up the wall behind him.


EDITED TO ADD:  Thank you so much for all the comments, congratulations and well-wishes to my life post-RA fangirl – but let me take this time to say that it does not mean that I’ve abandoned “the muse.”  He is alive and well.

I apologize if I don’t address each one individually.  It just feels weird to do that in a post-mortem. 

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Thank You

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THANKS.

This day carries so many memories
Some still raw as the day it happened
Some covered over by scars unseen
Pulled back to that place they’d once been
Back on that day so many years ago
Though never too far from our minds
When the world as we knew it changed forever
Safety, security – left far behind
But out of the ashes came a spirit
Too strong for approaching darkness to quell
Hands reached out to hold another
Touching goodness wherever it dwelled
And so I say thank you to each one of you
Strong with the spirit of love and compassion
For I see the hope that dwells deep within you still
That no act of evil can ever darken




Daily Prompt