Are You Not Entertained?

If you could be a famous person for a day, who would you be? Why?


If I had some special skill, talent or will
to be famous and maintain it, never lose it, exploit it
I’d be an internet cat that entertains you to no end
I’ll make you laugh till you cry, I’m too cute to offend,
I won’t really care whether you will like me or not
I’m an internet cat, you see – I’m always hot, hot hot!

So are you not entertained yet by my cuteness, my finesse?
Isn’t that why you’re here, to admire me and be near
to the greatness that I am, even if it’s just on the net?
So applaud me, worship me, don’t get me upset
All this cuteness is hard work, you see, if you only knew
So are you entertained yet, I ask, before I bid you adieu?

Daily Prompt