Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

In this week’s photo challenge, share your take on the idea of room — it could be an actual room in your house, a favorite gallery in your local museum, a cubicle at work. You could also take this challenge in a more abstract direction, and show us where you feel like you have room — or lack it.


This was my first ever brand new car, and I drove it everywhere!  It took me places I never thought I’d go and actually enjoy myself (you know, for a city girl), like up in the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas where you saw all the stars at night and hear the deer munching on the apples outside your window.

To me, the world was wherever I found myself in.  If all else failed, there was always my mind palace…

Which takes me to the next picture I took while sitting in LA traffic right by the take off and landing strip at LAX.  Though it might be a bit constricting inside that car, I always knew it would take me anywhere I’d want to go (within driving distance, of course).


The next picture is of the Taos, New Mexico skyline.  I have so many other pictures of the skyline but this was the one I could grab quickly without having to reduce resolution in another program.  This was in the outskirts of Taos, where people lived in earthships outside of the grid.  All around us are sage brush and at night you heard the coyotes howling.


Another view of the sky, although this one has been cropped to center the walkway with the cross.  Writing often means I’m cooped up indoors the entire time so getting outside is really important for me – even though I don’t get to get outside of the city as much as I’d like.  But when I do, I go for places where I can see the sky and smell the trees.


One of my favorite rooms that I wished I could have spent more time in was this master bedroom at the Phoenix earthship, also in Taos.  I loved the red adobe walls with mica that glistened.

It was so cool, temperature-wise, inside that room because part of the area where the bed is located is bermed against and partly under a hill of sorts, to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  And oh, the bed was divine.  I could have just written in that room all day – oh, and do other stuff, too, of course.


Weekly Photo Challenge

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

01 Gagne Exterior earthship_450_252

There’s something about an earthship that just speaks to my soul, tugs at it and begs me to leave everything behind and live in one.  Earthship biotecture salvages items you’d never think of using in building a home like used tires and bottles, and even coke cans.

It uses solar heating and collects rainwater where it’s purified in some built in cistern inside the home and also utilizes a graywater system wherein water from your sink and your washing machine goes to water your indoor plants (which provide the interior with oxygen and cleans up carbon dioxide) before finally filling up your toilet bowl and that way every time you flush that toilet, you’re not throwing away up to five gallons of clean water per pee-pee.

I always thought that if I had endless amount of money, I’d buy one of these earthships, especially the one I got to stay in years ago, called the Phoenix, and make it my little hideaway in Taos (now you know where to find me), surrounded my miles and miles of wild lavender and coyotes howling in the distance (at night) where the only lights you see are the stars up in the sky and the giant moon that seems to be communing directly with your soul.  It’s a place I would write a million stories and dream endless dreams in.

It’s a place where my soul can find some peace and where my spirit can soar.

And where everyone is welcome.

Just make sure there’s wifi though…

03 Gagne Dining



phoca_thumb_l_living_phoenix_plants_web-625x416 earthship11If you ever want to learn about earthships, here are a few links to check out:

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