24: Dominant

he’s the keeper of her heart,
her body, and her soul,
he calms the storms raging inside her,
he’s the one who makes her whole

it’s a choice she makes every day,
it’s the only thing she wants
that he be her Sir and her Master,
that he be her Dominant

for it frees her from the days
solving all the worries of her world
transporting her to a place where the only thing
that matters is his word

it’s the sanctuary she craves
the moment she’s in his arms
cradled by his words, his warmth, his love,
where he’ll keep her safe from harm

via Daily Prompt: Dominant

The Things He Left Behind

the things he left behind
sit on his favorite desk
masculine and so refined,
so tempting; it’s hard to resist
touching them beneath my fingers,
feeling the cold steel and worn leather
everything reminding me of him
and his unrepenting tether