discarded notes: 14

is there a secret to falling in love
or is being in lust with you
so much easier on the heart
that i should refrain
from letting my mind tell me
to stop and just go for the ride
and fall and drown,
and like a magic trick,
appear unbruised,
like new?

discarded notes: 13

she found herself
in opposition to her heart
who wanted only him
and no one else
even as her mind rebelled
and said, please take care,
for if all he wants
is sex now,
what else is next?
submission, surrender,
and so much more…
hush, she said,
for he is my cure.

Note from Liz: So ends the Poem-a-Day challenge I gave myself for March 2021. I hope you enjoyed them!

discarded notes: 12

know my name
though i go by many
know it anyway
for it’s the only way
i know you see me
and see that beyond
the masks i wear
to protect my heart,
only you know
what lies inside
wishing it’ll remain unhurt
until the game we play
finally runs its course
and i’ll be left with nothing
but bitter remorse

discarded notes: 10

tell me again why i love you
for your voice has turned
into venom in my veins,
pulling me away from things that matter,
each word you utter now a chain
binding me to uncertainty,
my own voice drowned.
so tell me again why i love you.
tell me before i shut down.

discarded notes: 9

no more questioning.
no more doubts.
believe me when i say
that you are the one for me,
or do i need to shout it out
just so you’ll know
how much you mean to me,
for you are my sun,
my moon, my stars
and right next to you
is where i yearn to be
through hell or high water,
near or far.

discarded notes: 7

let them talk. let them bicker.
let them think they know what your life is like
behind closed doors. let them snicker.

for only you know what’s good for you… and who.
only you know why you want only him
and not someone else they *think* is better
suited for you. for at the end of the day, boo,
you gotta do you.

discarded notes: 6

there’s nothing sexier
than the honesty you bring
to the table as to what you can give me
and what you cannot, or where
the boundaries between us lie
so nothing we do is an afterthought.
for what we have is the raw deal.
although complicated,
what we have is real.