It’s almost a year since you’ve been gone
and I often find myself thinking about you
Remembering the laughter in your eyes
even when everything was falling apart around you.

For so long that I can ever remember,
you always relished your precious freedom
you found the woman who was your equal
while our mother almost lost all reason

So I tried so hard to not be like you,
a man with too many lovers
But I only ended up playing the field,
though my heart was too slow to recover

the way yours always did,
the quick way that you moved on
it was a curse I had to bear,
still loving those so long gone

Sometimes I find myself thinking of your final days
hearing the last words you spoke to me then,
still the distance was too great between us
though I knew we’d never see each other again

So as this year goes slowly by,
the first year of really being without you
but it’s like you’ve been gone long before you were really gone –
Did it feel the same for you, too?

Two For The Road

What is so wrong to want to be loved
even when he knew it was so wrong
buying his new mistress more
than he gave to his own
leaving his children
to fend alone
thank goodness
we’re all
Good-bye, father, whom I barely knew
but for the visions of your smile,
your laughter, and easy guile
you loved us, true, yet still
freedom from us, there
behind your smiles
now be