More Than Human

It’s human nature to feel hurt
When things we work hard for are torn apart
It’s human nature to lash out
Even from obscure words meant from the heart

But it takes more than human nature
To accept criticism with grace instead
Rise above the hurt to set ego aside
And actually hear what’s just been said

The Divinity in Me Honors the Divinity in You

How are you at receiving criticism? Do you prefer that others treat you with kid gloves, or go for brutal honesty?

It depends on what the criticism’s about, who it’s from, whether it’s solicited or not – and what state of mind I’m in when I receive said criticism.  I might be having a bad day and maybe being more tactful and compassionate in delivering one’s criticism might be better suited to me at that moment.  You never know how brutal honesty can affect someone when they’re already down.  You’re not exactly treating him with kid gloves by being tactful and kind in the delivery, but you are putting their feelings first and not your own – for sometimes, you  have to ask – why do you have to deliver the criticism in the first place unless it was asked of you?

Maybe I am getting soft – which is why prompts such as this bother me.  I know some people want brutal honesty all the way and as long as it’s fine with them, then it’s good.  It’s how we deliver criticism to others that matters.  I’ve seen people when they’re down, and I’ve seen how brutal honesty that only points out the flaws and not highlight the positives can affect an already depressed mindset.

So maybe I’d rather take it with “kid gloves” although I prefer to call it “with compassion.”  And I know I’m in the minority in this because who wants to look weak and afraid to face criticism head on?  But I’ve had enough of brutal honesty delivered my way growing up.  You’re fat.  You’re ugly.  This isn’t up to par with what I expected from you.  You could do better than this.  What were you thinking?  You need more practice.  You should you should you should

So, yes, treat me with kid gloves then, if that’s how you want to call it.  But I could have also answered this prompt with one word only.  Namaste.

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