Throwback Thursday: Detour Along the Coast

20140605-105112-39072501.jpgI can’t remember when this was taken, maybe around 1998 or so – which means, that’s quite a long long time ago – like, really long.  This was taken around the time of my birthday, when I was supposed to be with 50 friends on our second round of white water rafting in the American River.   A year before, we all filled a tour bus and had a keg of beer on the way there and back – and I had an amazing time.

But at the last minute, two of my other friends (who weren’t part of the river rafting group) wanted me to go with them to San Francisco – either that, or something happened that I wasn’t able to go to the river with everyone else – who knows, I was probably broke from too much partying.  And so instead of spending my birthday home alone (while everyone was out of town without me), my friends and I drove up to San Francisco and had fun – though not to the degree that going white water rafting would have been.

I remember the long winding drive along the coast (not good when you’re the passenger) and the smell of sea lions hanging out on the beach (not good to be downwind).  There was wine tasting (great when you’re not the designated driver) and of course, sight seeing, including this one with the Bay Bridge in the background.  One of my friends, it turned out, was a loud snorer and the other girl didn’t warn me – and she even had her own set of ear plugs, which she used every night.

But the one thing I remember the most now as I look at this is how much I wore a lot of RED.  I mean, I wore a lot of red while I was single.  These days, I wear primarily black, even in the summer – and after seeing all these old pics of me wearing tons of bright strong colors, it makes me wonder what the deal is with all the black in my closet.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t over think it and just go with the flow.  In the meantime, it’s time to go shopping and add some color back into my life…