It’s a love affair that’s never ended
it’s been going on for far too long
something many people will never understand
always believing that something’s wrong
with me falling in love
with people I barely know,
just words on a page come to life,
though they often come
and then they go
though some of them stay for far longer
than even I anticipate
some of them live ever on
long after their sad fate
some of them make me smile
and some of them leave me sad,
some of them make me so angry
so good at being bad
And then there are those, a chosen few
who live on in my dreams
they set free the stories hiding inside my head
creeping, slipping between the seams
they keep me appearing normal
to someone who will never understand
keeps me ever sane –
keeps me from being damned


A Few Blogs To Visit #AToZChallenge

I’ve discovered a few more blogs that interest me during this month of blogging A to Z. We’re almost on the home stretch and one more week, and we should be down to Z!  Q was quite a challenge for me, that’s for sure, but as soon as I usually find something to write about, I then have to stop myself from writing a novel!

tumblr_mo4flwua4J1s6luhno1_500Anyway, which bloggers have I discovered today so far?  Well, quite a few!

If Only I Had A Time Machine
For her A to Z challenge, she tackles historical events and a few of them are my favorites in history – from the Black Plague to the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb!

Flash Fiction
Lisa tackles Crafting (Fictional) Characters

Goodie Foodie Buddie
She tackles one of my favorite topics – food!

Storey of Stories
Keith talks about the places he’s lived or visited for his A to Z Challenge.

Making Believe
Dianne posts about make believe fairy tale characters for her challenge, another one of my favorite topics!

So there you have the five bloggers participating in the A to Z Challenge who have caught my interest this week!  It’s amazing all the places we get to visit, people we get to meet and things we get to learn just from visiting other people’s blogs!