Back To The Drawing Board

I finally dug out my art supplies, which includes a small (5×8)100-page Fabriano Artist’s Journal that I am finally using.  It’s only been 5 years since they’ve been stashed in the garage, and almost 10 years of not actually drawing anything on paper although I did do some illustration last year, which lasted 5 days and only with pen – no color – for Sketchuary.

Though I’ve long dabbled in computer graphics, I miss the feel of pencils between my fingers, the way textured paper feels under my skin and most of all, seeing the work blossom in front of my eyes (which are in need of glasses, it turns out so I’m finally digging out my glasses as well and just finally got an updated prescription).

So if you’re wondering what’s with all the drawings – that’s why.  And this time I’m tackling color.  It’s amazing the things I’m beginning to see now that I’m paying attention to color more and more.  While I can write about a beautiful sunset, drawing and coloring it is a whole different animal.  A sunset is no longer as simple as I thought it used to be – it’s an organic arrangement of yellows and oranges and reds (and sometimes not even reds) and green grass is just not plain green but an explosion of different shades that I’m now determined to capture on paper.

I wonder though how to tackle subjects I see on social media.  Do I ask their permission first if I see a non-commercial picture on Instagram that I want to capture on paper?  I don’t know.  I don’t want to draw icons and stars all the time, and I’m not ready to draw out the stuff that comes out of my head  (they’re dark).  How does that work?

Character, I Think, Is The Single Most Important Thing In Fiction


“Character, I think, is the single most important thing in fiction. You might read a book once for its interesting plot—but not twice.”

– Diana Gabaldon