Baby Steps Still

Baby steps still
that’s all I’ve done so far
making these life changes ever so slowly
taking too long though, like a dying star

but it’s really why I do it
all these changes life throws at me
like the unhappiness I feel these days
doing something that used to make me so happy

like teaching others
about touch and similar things just like it
but I hate seeing the indifference
they’re only there for the hours on their transcript

that even if some of them
truly do enjoy the stuff I do
it’s too late, and it’s time to move on
do something else, like the things I really want to

like writing
and everything that comes with it
the pain, the heartache and most of all the joy –
so I might as well get on with it.

Where To, Miss?

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?


I can see it now, the door is opening
where to, I wonder, would I want to go?
Into the past to see old London,
or maybe the Great Wall, or Mexico
dare I change the course of history
with this wonderful gift of time
or do I simply watch it all happen
changing none of the reason nor the rhyme
of events of the past as I’ve read them
in all of my history books,
of people who’ve lived and died before me
princes, paupers, and crooks.
And so I ponder such questions
wondering where in time I shall go
If I can, maybe bring a smile to those who need one
If only I can, tell them the things I already know
of who lives, who dies,
who kills and terrifies
of who prays and cries,
devil or angel in disguise?
So step in through the doors of time
and take this adventure with me –
Where would you like to go?
Or would you rather stay and just be?

Daily Prompt

Just Another Day

it’s just another day in my neighborhood
it’s a new place for me still
even though it’s been seven years since I moved in
all those years in a standstill,

still holding on to the place I used to call home,
the one I left so long ago
refusing to move on and move forward
refusing to see what I’d always known

that nothing stays the same,
even rituals come and  go
life is always in a flux
this, I’m sure, you and I both know

for each day is an adventure
each morning a new beginning
my days, though they seem, always constant
are spent without any misgivings.

so it’s just another day in my neighborhood
the place I now yearn to know
I’ve waited seven years to finally discover it
seven years till I finally let go.

Daily Prompt