at the table

there are things we don’t talk about around the dinner table
but it’s there, there’s no mistaking it festering like a hot boil

it can’t be hidden behind smiles anymore because we know what you are
even if you hold titles like dad or mom or baby brother

we see your hypocrisy, your racism and deep-seated hatred
as you pass the potatoes with a smile, your bigotry translated

behind carefully crafted words of inclusion and tolerance
words you know nothing about so it’s best if you remain silent

for there’s no more hiding no matter how hard you try to convince us
actions speak louder than words. what else is there to discuss?


It’s difficult to breathe some days
when all you see are walls going up
isolating you from everything you hold dear –
freedom, the truth…
there’s nothing left to hold the lies back
but the will to keep on fighting
even as the walls start closing in
till you’re left with nothing but flimsy hope
just before your world grows dim

what’s the world coming to?
what’s happening to everything we worked for?
every freedom we thought we had, eroded
right after precious right,
can we truly take any more?
when the few are blinded by greed
and power and scorn
the walls are rising, closing in…
and, in fear, the world is reborn