Being Here

There’s nothing worse than dying on a day like today
it’s a Friday, for crying out loud –
how on earth can you pose such a question?
Such things should never be allowed
when the weekend is now upon us –
I’ve been waiting for it all week.
Tomorrow is so full of promises
there’s yet so much that I seek
to experience when life is much too short
especially when you’re having too much fun.
Why talk of the worst thing to ever happen
when there’s yet so much to be done?

But if you want to know the best thing
that could happen to me today,
it’s the fact that I woke up bright and early,
and I got to live another day.
For life is so uncertain,
one day you’re here, and then you’re gone
there’s so much in between the layers
I’ve only really just begun.
So don’t ask me of the worst thing that can ever happen,
for it’s the one thing we all fear,
all we can do now is to focus on the giving,
the sharing – and being here.



Daily Prompt