What’s this world coming to?
What kind of world are we sending our children into?
When we kill indiscriminately, with no remorse, no hesitation
a life extinguished before the eyes of a nation
he was someone’s father, brother, friend, son;
only now, he’s forever gone
except for his final moments caught on film
Is there nothing left that’s good and worth believing in?

Brewed in Percolator

Daily Prompt: This Much I Know

This much I know at the moment –
that life is too short to not think of others
and how they might be feeling,
that even on the worst of days, when all you want to do
is scream at the world, when everything is reeling,
scream your rage in silence if you must,
for someone out there just might be in need
of your smile, a gentle look, a nod of trust.
Until then, do unto others as you would wish them
to do unto you. Be good, be considerate.
And to your heart and soul, be true.

Daily Prompt