thank you
that’s all i can say
thank you for showing me
the good in every day
the happy smiles,
the laughter,
each naughty thought,
every honest answer
everything about you
i’m so grateful for
and if others can’t see it
let them go
just don’t forget the strength
inside your heart
for your whole is so much better
than just the parts
that others want you to be
unable to see what i’ve always seen
a soul so fearless and loving
it’s what you’ve always been.


you changed the language
of my heart and the alphabet
of my soul, little things
that aren’t so little
but i just thought
you should know before
you leave to find your own way
i can never repay you enough
but because of you
i’m happy for the little things
again, even the most trivial
of stuff like the memory
of your love and your hand
over this broken heart, the sound
of your voice that echoes still
reminding me i’m beautiful,
worthy and smart, constantly
rewriting what was once written
there, turning apathy and self-loathing
into passion and self-care. and
all this because once upon
a time, you dared.

post-it note

i found a post-it note from you today
it fell from the book you last read
tell her she's beautiful, you wrote 
words you whispered as you kissed my forehead
the day you told me i'd find love again
that all i had to do was close my eyes
and you'd be right there with me
and that we'd both be just fine
that i'd always feel your love wherever i went
as i'd run headfirst into love
i just had to trust myself again
        and then you were gone