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Everything She Ever Wanted

After a devastating personal loss, transplant surgeon Harlow James finds herself alone at forty and about to lose everything she worked for in a contentious divorce. So she leaves it all behind and finds herself at the Pearl, a sustainable home outside Taos, New Mexico where she hopes to find out where she went wrong or just end it all.

But when master carpenter Dax Drexel arrives at the Pearl earlier than expected, Harlow finds herself with the perfect distraction, for Dax and everything that comes with him is like the breath of fresh air she never knew she needed in her life.

But when the time comes to return to the real world of divorce negotiations and hospital politics, can her fling with a much younger man turn into the real thing?

“Perfect drama. Sizzling yet sweet. The kind you forsake sleep to read.”

“A sexy, page turner! Couldn’t put it down until I’d read it all.”

Falling for Jordan

When her one-night stand results in a surprise pregnancy and the guy nowhere to be found, Filipino-American doctor Addison Rowe makes up a story about choosing to be a single mother via a sperm donation. It’s a lie but if it means keeping her reputation intact especially after her colleague’s recent scandals, Addison will do whatever it takes.

But all that changes when building contractor Jordan O’Halloran shows up at her clinic a year later and wants to be more than just her sperm donor. He wants to be part of his daughter’s life.

Suddenly, Addison finds herself navigating through family and cultural expectations, the reality that she’s not as perfect as she wants everyone to think she is, and the reality that sometimes, things happen when you least expect it… like finding the perfect man.

“Sweet romance with a slightly new twist on the “surprise baby” trope.”

“A super story, well-written, romantic, and at times steamy.”

Breaking the Rules

A broken Marine.
His best friend’s devastated widow.
Both determined to keep their promises no matter the cost… even love.

When Marine veteran Sawyer Villier remembers a promise he made to a friend while they were both deployed a lifetime ago, he’ll do anything to fulfill it now, especially after his buddy becomes a casualty of postwar PTSD.

But Sawyer’s not the only one determined to keep his promises.

Drew’s widow has one of her own and she’ll do everything she can to keep her late husband’s memory safe no matter what the cost… even love.

“An emotionally gripping story of grief, guilt, and the healing power of love. FIVE CHEERING STARS!”

“Liz has a real knack for writing characters that are so human…”

Friends with Benefits

I’ve known Campbell all my life. He’s the boy next door and my brother’s best friend… the one man outside of family whom I can be completely myself with.

But when I wake up in his bed the morning after my blind date abandons me for someone else, there are two things I suddenly can’t ignore: Campbell Murphy is all grown up in more ways than one, and I no longer want to be just his best friend’s sister. I want to be more… so much more.

What’s even better is that we’re on the same page. We want a taste of that forbidden fruit for just one night. Or two…

“A beautifully gentle yet emotion filled friends-to-lovers romance.”

“Liz created characters that are fun and have you rooting for their HEA. Better than the five stars I can give.”

Loving Ashe

Three years after her ex-boyfriend left her to pursue his Hollywood dream, barista Riley Eames’ life is still on hold, hindered by questions only he can answer. So when he asks to meet her for a booty call while he’s in town, she reluctantly agrees, only to find herself stuck in the hotel elevator with rising British star, Ashe Hunter.

He’s gorgeous, charming, and before the night is over, smitten.

But a celebrity romance may not be enough to get Riley’s life moving again, not when the answers to the questions she’s been seeking are finally revealed, leading her to question what is true in her life – like moving on…

…and falling in love.

“She brings to this adorable, yet serious, yet light-hearted romance a deep humanity that defines the novel and its author. Discover Ashe and fall in love with him the way I did and then see how hard it is to find that love, trust it and fall in love again.” – Mary L. Tabor, author of The Woman Who Never Cooke

Loving Riley

Three years after her ex-boyfriend left her to pursue his Hollywood dream, barista Riley Eames’ life is

Who would you rather be after the director yells “Cut!”?
Mr. Perfect personified… or the flawed man behind the mask?

To his fans, Ashe Hunter is the perfect man — the classically trained British actor taking Hollywood by storm with his devastating good looks and quiet charm. To his American girlfriend, Riley Eames, he is the man of her dreams willing to do anything to keep her safe from the paparazzi suddenly prying into her life.

But to someone from his past, Ashe is her ticket to Hollywood fame — and she’ll do anything to get it, even if it means exposing the real man behind the mask.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the first book, Loving Ashe, which was told from Riley’s perspective. This second book picks up where the first left off but it is told from Ashe’s perspective. Which I just love, because the British accent is so hot! The narrator does a great job bringing to life the character.

Collateral Attraction

Someone is setting up my twin sister to fall for a crime I know she didn’t commit.
And the only man who can help me save her is the last man I can trust.

Ruthless billionaire Heath Kheiron thinks I’m his brother’s glamorous girlfriend. 
A gold digger he’s determined to track down and punish.

Only I’m not Blythe… I’m her twin sister, Billie, visiting from our small hometown of Nevada City, California. 

But to get Blythe out of harm’s way, I’ll have to step into my sister’s shoes. I have to work with Heath, pretend to be his girlfriend for a day. Maybe more. And maybe then, my sister and I can get out with our lives. 

But only if I don’t lose my heart first.

…a mistaken identity story that straddles romance and chick lit.” – RT Book Reviews